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Vinay Kapoor

Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer at Factset

Vinay Kapoor is a Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer at FactSet, based in New  York. Prior to FactSet, Vinay worked in Investment Banking at BNP Paribas for over 21 years, rising to the Head of UK  Diversity & Inclusion based in London and then to the Head of Diversity & Inclusion for the Americas. Vinay began his  career in the Life-Sciences & Pharmaceuticals industry at Hoechst AG (Sanofi) both in London and Germany. 

As a thought leader, Vinay has created, championed, and implemented core DE&I strategies and initiatives that are  aligned with organizational goals and rooted in organizational values to infuse DE&I into all business areas. These  strategies include utilizing data to develop cutting-edge metrics and reporting that embed accountability and provide  actionable feedback to Executive Leadership, gaining the buy-in of said leadership with these data-driven insights, and  then minimizing bias and infusing equity into all HR people processes including on gender and race. Through the use of  these core strategies, Vinay has also been able to launch talent development and sponsorship programs that assist the  organization in achieving its DE&I goals. He then leverages large-scale education and allyship programs to embed DE&I  into the leadership curriculum and facilitate cultural change from the top. Finally, Vinay also develops Employee  Resource Groups (ERG’s) to strengthen the employee voice and stimulate further change. 

Mr. Kapoor is a passionate and firm believer in the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Having personally faced  exclusion at various points in his personal and professional life, Mr. Kapoor knows how it feels to advance in the  workplace while dealing with the challenges presented by exclusion. Leveraging these experiences combined with a  belief in the power of collaboration, Vinay is a strong advocate for equity and social justice both in and outside of the  workplace.  

Throughout his career, Mr. Kapoor has received many accolades, attaining inclusion in The Guardian’s Global LGBT  Power List, the Telegraph Top 50 LGBT Leaders, and The Economist’s Top 50 Global Diversity Professionals List.  

Vinay is also an accomplished global speaker. He has conducted speaking engagements and presentations across the  world including at Stanford University (USA), FINRA D&I Conference (USA), National Diversity & Leadership Conference (USA), Coqual Think-Tank DE&I Summit (USA), This Can Happen: Mental Health (UK), Royal Institute of Chartered  Surveyors (UK), ESCP Business School (UK), and Febelfin (Belgium) on a wide variety of DE&I topics.