Onboard Inclusive Candidates Faster with Talent 360°

Automatically expand your pool of potential candidates and improve acquisition with Talent 360 — an innovative feature that allows users to quickly see which criteria may be limiting their search and suggests different criteria to help instantly expand the pool.
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Key Features

clock imageSave hours of time manually combing through candidate data
pointer imageEasily expand your candidate search to nearby cities
pie chart imageVisualize candidate diversity data in clear charts & metrics
ightbulb imageGain smart diversity insights about available candidates
group imageMake more informed hiring decisions
stat imageImprove pipeline diversity

Expedite Your Candidate Search

Don’t waste any time combing through countless candidate profiles. Simply enter a job description and ProvenBase will instantly compile a list of qualified and varied candidates to help you build pipelines faster than ever before.

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Talent 360 allows users to easily analyze how location, education, years of experience, and required skills may limit their candidate pool.

Quickly compare and adjust requirements that are limiting your candidate pipeline.

Get comprehensive analytics that will support your findings to facilitate discussions with hiring managers.

Talent 360 empowers recruiters and sourcers to clearly explain why there are limited candidates available for a specific role or search.

Talent 360 can also be used to shape job descriptions prior to approving them to ensure they are inclusive and/or attract numerous candidates.