Dynamic Communication Tools

It’s easy to meet your candidates needs and engage top talent with our suite of dynamic communication tools. From personalized candidate email flows and automated calendar scheduling to bulk email capabilities and robust email analytics, the ProvenBase ecosystem provides everything you need within one tool for attracting and efficiently engaging with diverse talent
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Bulk Email, Drip Campaign, Email Automation & Analytics

Advance your messaging capabilities instantly with our CRM and Bulk Email capabilities. We have made it easier than ever to reach out to a pool of candidates at once, customize messaging for your candidate pool, and inform potential candidates on the status of your job openings. We have also included reporting and analytics for your email campaigns so you can quickly see how well your messages are being received and also which candidates are the most engaged and interested

Gender-Neutral Language Assistance



of talent professionals report that achieving gender parity at their company is a top priority.

Yet, it can be difficult for some roles to attract a diverse applicant pool. Did you know that sometimes that’s simply due to the language being used?

ProvenBase’s Text Analyzer will review your emails and job descriptions and highlight words that can be swapped out for more gender-neutral versions. Hover over any highlighted word to see replacement recommendations!

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