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The Difference Between Inclusion and Accessibility

Did you know that, as of 2017, just 53% of Deaf and hard-of-hearing people were employed? Just 39% of people with disabilities disclosed a disability to their manager, and the number is even worse with colleagues (24%). When you’re Deaf, your disability may be easily identified when they find out that you cannot hear or speak. This can lead to greater struggles in gaining employment for Deaf people as they worry about being discriminated against during the hiring process.

Finding companies that deeply value inclusion and diversity may be challenging to find for aspiring Deaf and hard-of-hearing employees. It can be difficult to apply for job opportunities when the applicant is not sure whether to disclose their disability or not. Even most companies that champion DEIB, don't disclose if they offer assistance for disabled candidates.

The odds of landing a job with a company that values people with disabilities can be daunting for people with disabilities, especially for Deaf and hard of hearing applicants. As the largest Deaf-owned company in the world, Convo understands the frustration in finding a place that celebrates our humanity and treats us with respect. That’s why we’re committed to partnering with companies who share similar values in how we value diversity and inclusion for all.

ProvenBase sets the standard of how to make inclusion a top priority. According to ProvenBase, 76% of candidates consider company diversity when evaluating offers. Placing diversity as a top goal for your company isn’t just altruistic; it’s also good for your bottom line.

When it came to providing accommodations for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing applicants, ProvenBase modified their hiring practices to be inclusive for all and they were proactive in doing so. That’s where Convo comes in. We’re experts at understanding the unique needs of each organization and can help you achieve Deaf inclusion. Convo and ProvenBase collaborated together to come up with turnkey Virtual Interpreting solutions that provide full access to ProvenBase’s events. This is a prime example in how we make a commitment to disability inclusion.

Our interpreters are trained to provide a bespoke interpreting solution that meets your specific needs. Also, if your organization signs on with Convo, we will provide free interpreting services for job interviews with Deaf and hard of hearing applicants, so you’ll have an opportunity to experience a service that’s designed to make the hiring process feel natural for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing applicants as possible. This is part of Convo’s commitment to address high unemployment among Deaf people in the United States.

The fact that ProvenBase chose to partner with the company that’s exclusively Deaf-owned and Deaf-led proves that ProvenBase places a premium on making sure inclusion is the forefront of everything they do as a company. That’s a company ally we need as we push for more equitable employment opportunities for everyone in order to usher in a more inclusive society for all. Thanks, ProvenBase, for the opportunity!

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