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Asmara Nomani

CEO and Founder of Asmara Nomani Consulting Global

Asmara Nomani is a seasoned Senior Global Human Resources Leader and Key Opinion Leader with over 24 years of experience in the international corporate landscape. Currently serving as the CEO of ANC, she has held significant leadership roles at The Coca-Cola Company, including Region Human Resources Director for Eurasia and the Middle East, Talent Lead for Eurasia and the Middle East, and Global Co-chair for CWIS; Coca-Cola Women in STEM.

With extensive expertise in various industries, such as FMCG, Information Technology, Banking, Academia, and Oil and Gas, Asmara is a multifaceted professional with a diverse skill set. She is well-versed in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy (DE&I), Leadership and Capability Development, Talent Management, Succession Planning, Recruitment and Staffing, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Compensation and Benefits Administration, Organizational Development, and Change Management, as well as Employee Engagement and Culture.

Beyond her impressive HR career, Asmara is a dedicated psychologist with a passion for promoting mental health and wellness for employees. She is an ICF Executive Global Leadership Coach, a certified Hogan Coach, and a PMP practitioner, bringing valuable knowledge and experience to her clients.

As a driven Global HR Leader, Asmara is committed to empowering organizations to reach their full potential through strategic human resources management with laser eye focus on Diversity Equity and Inclsion. She has gained recognition as a thought leader in the industry and is a powerful advocate for diversity and inclusion, particularly for women and minority groups in the workplace. As a Global Leader for Coca-Cola Women in STEM, she continues to make a positive impact around the Globe .

Asmara's vision for revolutionizing the HR industry is reflected in ANC's mission of providing exceptional HR services and support to partner organizations. She has a track record of delivering exceptional results and has earned several international awards for her outstanding contributions.

In her role as the Coca-Cola Women in STEM International Network Hub Global Chair, Asmara focuses on establishing and enabling CWIS International hubs outside of North America, with the goal of achieving 50% representation of women by 2030. She also plays a vital role in driving a "Networked Organization" with an "Agile" methodology within the Coca-Cola system. Her dedication to building a diverse and inclusive culture is evident in her efforts to increase gender balance and leadership accountability within the organization.

Throughout her illustrious career, she has been a steadfast advocate for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce, empowering women and other minority groups to achieve equal representation. In every leadership role she has undertaken, she has demonstrated a targeted and purposeful approach to fostering the inclusion of minority groups, particularly women and Neurodiverse talents. During her tenures in various positions with multiple organizations around the Globe, she successfully elevated the representation of these underrepresented groups, significantly increasing the Talent Acquisition percentage from a mere 5% to an impressive 55%. in a number of her assignments.  She spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives, such as Hiring and Training Women Plant operators, effectively running full assembly lines of large bottling green field operations in remote areas, breaking barriers and setting new standards for inclusion in traditionally male-dominated domains especially in Technical and Supply chain areas. She ensured that all functions have women workforce and leaders; for eg even In the realm of Sale, which is still a male dominant function, particularly in emerging markets, she ensured the integration of sales women/reps, recognizing the transformative power of diversity in driving business success. Moreover, in regions where male dominance prevailed, she demonstrated unwavering commitment to working mothers by ensuring a conducive working environment. Creating company policies (maternity leaves etc) to establishing Day Care facilities that adhered to stringent Health and Safety Protocols. Throughout her career journey, she emerged as a beacon of progress and hope, championing the cause of Women in workforce, women leaders in Board Rooms to women sales rep, operators even security guards and drivers. In challenging and sensitive operations, where she often found herself as the sole female in Executive Leadership, she took it upon herself to ensure gender balance, leading to 50% representation of women in these pivotal roles during her tenure.

As a visionary and transformative leader, she continues to drive the DE&I agenda as the esteemed CEO of ANC Global. Her unwavering commitment is evident in her powerful advocacy for Women in Managerial and Board Room positions, along with her spearheading of initiatives to empower local women in the GCC region as part of the Emiratization drive.

Boldly embracing innovation and inclusivity, Asmara, through ANC Global, passionately champions the inclusion of Neurodiverse Talents in the Workplace, actively seeking to #taptheuntapped potential. Her efforts extend beyond creating awareness, as she collaborates with influential industry leaders to integrate Neurodiversity within their organizations, driving a transformative cultural shift.

In summary, her remarkable journey stands as a testament to her resolute dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion, exemplifying leadership that leaves an indelible impact on the corporate landscape.