The employment landscape is rapidly evolving, and the use of data, technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming how we find, hire, and retain talent in 2023. Data-driven and AI-powered tools have helped employers source, engage, assess, and onboard top talent faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

As a result, the use of data-powered analytics, automation, and predictive analytics in human resources and recruiting is revolutionizing the way companies recruit and hire. In the upcoming year, talent professionals that haven’t adopted these technologies will begin falling behind. These technologies aren’t just helping companies source talent, they are also optimizing processes and saving recruiters’ time.

Companies are leveraging the power of data and AI to streamline traditional processes by increasing the speed and accuracy of pre-screening and background checks, onboarding new employees, and managing candidate pipelines. These technologies, like ProvenBase, are going to infiltrate the entire recruiting process. They are revolutionizing the way we hire, not just creating more robust pipelines.

Let’s dive into how data maturity is pushing innovation forward in all aspects of recruitment.

Get Personal

With the emphasis on anonymity when sourcing candidates, it might seem like personalization is not the focus in 2023 but everyone likes to feel special. Figuring out how to move away from the generic copy+paste or mass reach-out email is going to be increasingly important in targeting the right talent fit. The average candidate receives 121 emails a day! That means there is an urgent need to stand out if you’re looking to fill key positions.

Using AI-powered algorithms, companies can gain detailed insights into individual job seekers enabling them to craft personalized messages in minutes, determine how to best engage candidates, and understand their suitability for the job.

Save Time

AI-powered technology will also be used to automate recruiting tasks such as scheduling appointments, scanning resumes, and tracking progress. As employers focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to create more dynamic workplaces, top performing companies are arming talent professionals with the tools they need to build pipelines with under-represented groups in minutes.

Considering the current market conditions, companies may also use this as an opportunity to restructure internally and look for ways to streamline tasks. When employees are being asked to take on more, taking time to optimize your HR tech stack is the perfect solution.

Employer Brand

Employers in 2023 recognize the importance of DEIA initiatives and are looking at more equitable company cultures as a way to boost retention and fuel innovation. In fact, studies have shown that companies invested in DEI average 19% higher innovation revenues. Bringing diverse perspectives into the organization doesn’t simply sound like a good idea, it has positive financial impacts across the company.

However, for companies to be able to attract and retain the top talent that would create positive change they need to talk the talk. Nearly 80% of job seekers expect their companies to value DEIA and actively integrate it into the culture. Companies will use analytics and insights to measure the impact of their Employer Branding efforts and shape their strategies accordingly.

Candidate Experience

As companies are leveraging data to identify under-represented groups, minimize unconscious bias, and ensure fair representation in their organizations, the candidate process will need to be reviewed. Most companies have recruitment processes in place that don’t account for disabilities, gender-identity, and more.

Sourcing diverse candidates means that the same cookie-cutter process will no longer work for everyone. Talent professionals will be asked to  build more equitable and inclusive workplaces with diverse pipelines and recruitment strategies that focus on giving every individual job seeker an equal chance to succeed.

Emphasizing Inclusive Language

From job descriptions to follow-up email templates, HR professionals will be reviewing the language companies have been using to attract and communicate with job seekers. There is so much unconscious bias in these places that many recruiters don’t even realize simple language swaps would help attract more of the talent they are looking for. Expect to see more and more companies removing gender bias from job descriptions and company communications.

Close the Skills Gap

In an effort to minimize unconscious bias, some companies have focused their searches on skills alone. However, inputting endless skills might actually be hurting your candidate search. Copying all the required skills into a sourcing tool isn’t going to spit out the ideal candidates, and it’s going to leave you filtering through lots of not-so-great matches.

That’s where AI-powered sourcing tools like ProvenBase come in handy. The power of the tools comes from being able to understand what types of candidates and related skills you’re looking for without adding in hyper-specific search criteria.

ProvenBase's Skills Spotlight, coming soon, can help make your life much easier. Keep an eye out for this new feature launching in Q1 2023.

Key Takeaways

DEI-focused recruitment strategies, data-powered analytics, and AI-driven automation, are revolutionizing the way organizations hire and retain talent. With the use of technologies like ProvenBase, employers in 2023 will be able to effectively navigate the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition and capitalize on the power of data-driven insights to better identify, assess and hire the right person for the job.

New technologies such as Diversity Analytics are the future for talent acquisition. A world where we can quickly review awareness of candidate fit, process and technology optimization, or increased understanding of talent acquisitions' impact on the business, is coming. The organizations not yet ready to grow with the technology will be left behind.

If you’re ready to see how a DEI-focused solution can revolutionize the way you hire, schedule a demo today!

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