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A cutting-edge talent acquisition platform that discovers top talent, develops talent strategy, streamlines your tech stack, empowers HR, and monitors hiring goals with advanced analytics.
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A Sourcing Solution Focused
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From entry-level to executive positions, ProvenBase provides a
powerful suite of tools, resources, and metrics you need to uncover
and hire top-tier, skills-first talent.
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Dynamic Messaging

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Advanced Analytics

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Streamlined Hiring

Infused with DEI

The data doesn’t lie – diverse companies perform better than their competition in every aspect. But it’s not just companies – 76% of candidates report that they consider company diversity when evaluating offers.

With ProvenBase, you gain unique access to candidates from HBCUs, Tribal Colleges, AANAPISIs, and HSIs, so you can build diverse and impactful teams that elevate your organization without making drastic changes to your current hiring practices

Boost Creativity
& Innovation
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An Entire Suite of Tools Focused on Skills-Based Sourcing

Our powerful AI-driven suite of tools are designed to help TA teams find the right talent, not just the easiest to find talent. Tools like Skills Spotlight, Customizable Flows, and Diversity Filters help to uncover hidden talent potential and eliminate skill gaps without adding strain to your team or processes

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Understand where you need to close the gaps with insightful analytics on your pipeline. Use ProvenBase’s powerful reporting to analyze missing skills in your pipeline, diversity analytics, and monitor company-wide efforts all from one dashboard

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Innovative Inclusion Filters

The experiences of the deaf/hard-of-hearing and blind/seeing impaired communities build an abundance of innate skills that are invaluable to every workplace, from advancing greater human diversity to driving bottom lines.

Companies offering inclusive working environments for employees with disabilities accomplish:

higher revenuegreater economic profit marginsnet income of industry peers

Using our fully customizable search filters across our multiple data sources, ProvenBase makes it easy to access a diverse talent pool in seconds. Use the ability to weigh certain attributes, such as disability data, to hone in on top talent that aligns with your company’s vision

Partnerships That Serve You

Roughly, 11.5% of the U.S. population has hearing loss, and this number will grow to one in four people globally - 2.5 billion people by 2050.

We’ve now made the interview process with the deaf/hard-of-hearing community seamless through our partnership with Convo Relay. This deaf-owned sign language interpreting service is available directly through ProvenBase.



of companies claim to prioritize diversity


only consider disability in their Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.
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Seamless ATS Integration

Bring unparalleled efficiency to your hiring process. From sourcing to hiring, ProvenBase offers a robust suite of analytics, DEI resources, and tools to help you diversify your pipeline, save time and money, and bring on A+ candidates across the world

Dynamic Communication Tools

To advance your workflow, ProvenBase comes with tons of messaging capabilities like message templates, automated calendar scheduling and tons of more advanced features like Gender-Neutral Messaging Checker, automation triggers, and bulk emailing

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Meet the Team

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Ravi Tandra

CEO & Founder

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Sara Bukovnik

Head of Product and VP of Operations

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Vadym Dobroskok

Tech Lead/Solutions Architect

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Mahathi Reddy


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Shemie Breitenbach

Business Development Officer

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