In this episode of Diversity Champion Q&A, we were lucky enough to sit down with Christine Firkins, Account Executive at Convo, a deaf-owned company specializing in video relay services and virtual interpreting solutions.

Christine has been an advocate for accessibility in the workplace for many years and we were very excited to get her thoughts on:

  • How can we define accessibility?
  • How expansive can we make that definition?
  • Why is providing accessibility important for a wider inclusivity and equity lens?

According to a 2020 Forbes article, people with disabilities are the largest minority group and are massively underemployed so we were excited to get insights into this overlooked demographic

And the reality is that accessibility ends up being helpful for everyone, not just those who need it. Everyone benefits; find out how in this quick, 5-minute conversation with Christine.

Did you know? ProvenBase customers have access to Convo's relay services! With this partnership, more accessible interviews are at your fingertips.