In this installment of ProvenBase DEI Champion Q&A Series, Taris Mullins joins us as our guest speaker to answer a DEI question from our CEO Ravi Tandra.

Taris Mullins shares his insights about the significance of having a diverse leadership team for companies and organizations.

Taris is the Senior Manager for Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, and Talent Management of TeleSign and helps the company to cultivate an inclusive workplace that creates opportunities for all people to maximize their full potential and leverage a culture that values differences as well as empowers multiple perspectives. He’s also the Founder of TGM Consulting, LLC.

In his role at TeleSign, Taris oversees the global engagement initiatives impacting a workforce of more than 500+ employees. Taris is a seasoned Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) facilitator and organizational change leader with a demonstrated record of implementing and sustaining equitable and inclusive workforce strategies.

Taris partners with senior leaders to support the strategic integration of DEI principles into leadership development programs, talent acquisition, and employee retention initiatives, and foster inclusive cultures focused on belonging. Taris resides in New York City with his dog Riley.

If DE&I is a goal for your organization this year, let's talk about how ProvenBase's Diversity Sourcing tool, that mitigates unconscious bias, can help.

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